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Portland, ME 04101

Day-Trip service to Sunday River or Sugarloaf from Portland Maine. Transportation, lift ticket and snacks including in one price. We'll take care of the details - including driving.


What Are They Saying About Mainely Ski & Ride?

Awesome testimonials from our new friends we met on the bus!


Sugarloaf 1.28

Sugarloaf 1.28

Mainely Ski & Ride made hitting the mountains this winter so much easier for me. Instead of organizing a group of friends, paying for gas, and putting slippery miles on my car, I grabbed a pillow and got on the bus. If I had plans In Portland on Saturday night, I had no worries about getting back in time. The bus was clean and drivers were abnormally kind. Above all, the package value makes skiing so affordable - lift ticket, transportation, food on the bus... all for around the cost of a regular lift ticket? Crazy deal. Mary is a lady who really makes things happen for others and has the warmest of hearts. I'm so glad she's in Maine.


- Julia D. Sugarloaf 1.28 & 3.14

Sugarloaf 2.8

Sugarloaf 2.8

"Mainely Ski & Ride is a fantastic find in the Portland area. The option to just hop on an up-scale bus and let someone else take care of the driving for you - solo or with a group of friends – is something that will have me skiing a lot more often this season. That and the legendary snowfall we’ve had this year!

Our host Mary is just the right combination of welcoming friendliness, tour-guide, font of information and brewer of great coffee! It is an easy-going no pressure atmosphere. Snooze, read, chat  - meet for a beverage when your legs give out or ski right to the bus -  where Mary will have a choice of movies for the ride back and snacks to go with.

I really enjoyed my first trip, and I’m looking forward to many more. It’s an incredible bargain and it’s impossible to lose because if a trip is cancelled you are completely refunded or can put it toward another. Great times, no downside, Sugarloaf and Sunday River are calling!"

- Lisa C. Sugarloaf 2.8

"Our host Mary offers a top notch package at a bargain price. To boot, she was gracious in providing hot coffee, quality pastries and most importantly was very friendly and approachable. Mary set up a happy hour an hour before we #gotonthebus which was a lot of fun and a great way to meet our fellow travelers. Can't wait to go again, easier and much more fun than driving up."


-Nick F. Sugarloaf 1.25

"Amazing trip on Sunday at Sugarloaf. Thank you Mary for taking care of all the logistics, so that we may enjoy a full day of skiing without having to worry about bringing snacks, drive and park our cars, stay in line to get our tickets, look for a locker, find a table for lunch...also, the movie and the whoopee pies on the way back were a marvelous treat. To all my friends ‪#‎getonthebus!"


Catherine S. Sugarloaf 2.8

"Great day at the Loaf yesterday! Thanks Mary, you're running a fantastic service. Highly, highly recommend!!"

Michelle D. Sugarloaf 1.25