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Portland, ME 04101

Day-Trip service to Sunday River or Sugarloaf from Portland Maine. Transportation, lift ticket and snacks including in one price. We'll take care of the details - including driving.



Here are some frequently asked questions with their ever important answers. Have a question that isn't answered below? Let Mary-Theresa know by contacting her here. 

Q. Where does the bus pick us up?

A. The bus picks up from the Park N’ Ride lot on Marginal Way in Portland, ME. This is the lot directly across from World’s Gym and Play It Again Sports. The best part about this lot is that in case of a snow emergency, your car will be OK until we return from the trip – AKA – it shouldn’t get towed.

Q. What time does the bus pick us up and drop us off in Portland? What time do we leave the mountain? Lastly, why so damn early?

A. All good questions. For Sunday River trips, we'll pick up at 7am. For Sugarloaf trips, pick up is bright and early at 6am. We will leave the mountain at 5:00pm SHARP (please don't be late). Why such an early pickup? This is so we can get you to the mountain as early as possible and you can have a full day on the slopes..another reason why it is so great someone else is driving!

Q. What happens if I have to cancel?

A. No refunds are issued unless the trip is canceled by MSR due to weather or not enough people on the trip. However, if you can’t make the trip and can notify Mary-Theresa within 48 hours of trip departure time by emailing, you will have the opportunity to transfer your reservation to another person (and have them pay you directly for your fee). If you cancel within 12 hours, you forfeit your spot on the bus all together.

Q. What happens if the trip gets canceled by Mainely Ski & Ride?

A. Unfortunately, if we do not have enough people to cover the cost of the trip, it may get canceled. If the trip gets canceled by MSR you will either have the option to transfer to another trip date or get a full refund. In some cases, there may be a small group carpooling to the mountain on our own. We will let everyone know if that is happening as well.

Q. What makes Mainely Ski and Ride different from other ski-bus companies?

A. Mainely Ski & Ride provides more of a VIP experiences. You are welcomed by the owner at every trip. We provide coffee and bagels and other snacks before you get on the bus, and we are available for any questions or concerns you may have. MSR Ambassadors are there to make sure you feel welcome and all your questions are answered. If you would like to set up time to have lunch with others on the bus, we’ll provide the opportunity to voice that. After a day on the slopes, you can meet up for Apres skiing. Once everyone is on the bus, we’ll show a movie and provide snacks and water for the ride home. As a member of MSR you are taken care of from pick-up to drop-off.

Q. What if I miss the bus because I slept in?

A. No refund will be issued – however – if you make your way to the mountain on your own, a lift ticket will still be purchased for you and Mary-Theresa will either meet you at the mountain or leave the ticket for you at customer service.

Q. What if there isn’t any snow at the mountain?

A. Good question, something we will have to consider. This will be a judgment call close to the day of the trip. If the trip is canceled due to lack of snow you will receive a full refund.

Q. What if there is a blizzard?

A. Another good question! If the conditions are so bad that our bus company – VIP Tour & Charter Bus Company – feels it is unsafe to drive to the mountain then the trip will be canceled and you will receive a full refund.

Q. Who is driving and what kind of a bus is it?

A. Not you! Isn’t that wonderful? Our bus partner is VIP Tour & Charter Bus Company – they are wonderful and located right in Portland. Their drivers are the best in the biz and treat us like gold – which is why we LOVE them!

Also, the size of the bus is dependent upon how many people are booked on the trip but they are coach busses with reclining seats and 9 times out of 10 have a bathroom (there is a handicapped bus that does not have a bathroom. If we get that bus, we will make necessary bathroom stops during the drive.)

Q. Do I need to tip the driver?

A. Tip is included in your fee!

Q. What is included in the “Complete Package”

A. When you purchase a “Complete Package” you receive ALL of the following:

  • Round trip transportation to/from the mountain – Portland.

  • Bagels from Union Bagel Co. and Coffee from Arabica

  • Opportunity to snooze on the ride up

  • Full-day lift ticket

  • Opportunity to meet for Happy Hour at the mountain with new friends

  • Movie/Snacks/Water for the ride home – or you can take another snooze

  • Gratuity for the driver

  • Drop off at the Park N’ Ride in Portland

Q. What if I have a season pass to the mountains, do I still have to pay the full price?

A. NO! I know, right? We have a transportation only option for all our trips – including multi-trip options. You get everything included in the complete package except for the lift ticket.

Q. Are children welcome and is there a kids rate?

A. YES! Children under the age of 18 are welcome as long as they accompanied by an adult. Unfortunately we do not have a different price for children as the lift ticket prices are the same no matter what your age. 

Q. What should I bring with me on the bus?

A. All of your gear and cold weather attire (unless you are renting gear) and, if you would like, we highly recommend you bring a pillow and small blanket. The bus takes a little while to warm up, especially on the really cold days. The pillow is great for a nap and the blanket just makes the whole experience a little more enjoyable.

Q. What is the benefit of purchasing a multi-trip pass instead of just a single-day package?

A. SAVINGS! The more you book, the more you will save. It is totally worth it for you to pencil us in on the days you would like to head to the mountains and make the commitment ahead of time.

Q. When was Mainely Ski & Ride created?

A. November 2014 - Mary-Theresa had a vision that she could get to the mountain without having to worry about finding others to go with or having to drive. When a service that provided this convenience didn’t exist, she created it. We are officially into season 4 and so excited for the winter ahead!